Sep 26, 2012


Virgin canvas is a reflection of the idiom "start with a clean slate", in my life. After drifting away from the mainstream job, there has been countless mornings when I wake up to feel totally disconnected from my current life. Feeling much like a small dinghy lost in a boundless ocean of thoughts, without a compass, then suddenly a new idea excites me and I get fully prepared to propel in that direction. Again, with the dawn of the next day, new found enthusiasm seems to wither away and I find myself in the middle of nowhere again. There are days when I get drifted away with the wind, losing track of the time completely.

Then, suddenly one day I wake up to realize that it has been 2 years since I have begun sailing, intermittently I have steered myself in lot of new directions, all have been motivational enough, but none quantifiable. This virgin canvas is my attempt to bind all this randomness in one thread, with a belief that I will be able to ascribe a pattern in this chaos. A platform that will give the liberty to approach each new week, new day, new hour, new minute, new second ( considering my degree of randomness I will include even nano second) on a fresh canvas.....